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In an urban corner plot in São Paulo facing southeast, this residential design illustrates the maturing of the liberties exercised for some time by the architects, related to the rupture with rationalist assumptions in terms of plan organization, distribution and location.

This time the general organization is more compact from the start, with the traditional superimposition of the bedroom storey over the ground floor (living rooms, kitchen, etc). However, it is necessary that the bedrooms face east in search of the morning sun, which they are made to do, though dragging along with them important parts of the social area located on the floor below.

Consequently, this pulls the office out of the confined space to which it looked condemned, and revitalizes a dead corner of the plot, enabling it to it participate in the play of transparencies and in the interior/exterior interweaving game. With this rotation movement the predictable box is broken, in a manner no less logical for being unexpected, bringing the light of day into a previously closed off area of the house.

CALDEIRA, Vasco –Morumbi House.

In: CALDEIRA, Vasco; FANUCCI, Francisco; FERRAZ, Marcelo; SANTOS, Cecilia Rodrigues dos – Francisco Fanucci, Marcelo Ferraz: Brasil Arquitetura Studio. São Paulo: Cosac Naify, 2005.
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